Applicants must be a single breed club, dedicated to the preservation and protection of the traditional working terrier of British origin known as the Jack Russell Terrier.

Applicants must adopt and abide by the JRTCGB Breed standard and adopt and abide by the in-breeding rules as follows;-
Father/daughter, Mother/son, Brother/sister matings are strictly prohibited. To ensure safety against inbreeding a terrier cannot appear in a 5 generation pedigree more than 5 times.

Applicants must adopt and abide by the following rules;-
KC. / FCI. Registered terriers i.e. Parson Russell terriers and KC./FCI. Jack Russells cannot be allowed at any affiliate club show nor appear on any pedigree unless they were bred from previously unregistered stock and are not active within the KC..or FCI..or their breed clubs

Terriers from the British Jack Russell Terrier Club or the K.C.Australian Jack Russell Club. are not eligible for registration and cannot compete in JRTCGB nor any affiliate club shows. These terriers must be treated the same as Parson Russells and K.C.Registered Jack Russells.

The JRTCGB and Affiliated Clubs cannot accept membership from any person who is, or co-habits with a member of any of the conflicting organisations named above, or owner of, or exhibits, or breeds a Jack Russell type terrier from any of the conflicting organisations named above except those terriers within the exclusion, ie. previously unregistered stock (non active within the KC/FCI) or their member clubs.

The JRTCGB and Affiliated clubs cannot accept for registration or for competing at club shows, Terriers that are crossbred or direct descendants from the following types or breeds ;- Parson Jack Russell, KC, Jack Russell terrier, Black or Brown, smooth or broken coated Fell type terrier, Fox Terrier, Border Terrier, Patterdale Terrier, non KC. Lakeland terrier, Bedington Terrier, K.C.Australian Jack Russell Terrier or any other K.C. registered terrier, or crossbreeds thereof.

Competing at shows other than JRTCGB and affiliate club shows.

Due to the fact that in Britain. at the many Hunt Terrier Shows and other shows
such as, The Great Yorkshire, Fell and Moorland, The Welsh, Lowther, The Countrymans weekly final, The NWTFed final and at the qualifying open shows thereof. Members of the JRTCGB may find themselves competing with KC. registered Jack Russell Types such as Parson Russells etc.in the showring. This is inevitable and is not considered damaging to the JRTCGB in any way. On the contrary it is very often that a JRTCGB terrier will win these types of shows.
A credit to our breeders, our members and to our club.

We must offer the same dispensation to our European affiliates.
Attendance, competition and judging at NON KC.or FCI, open shows is allowed, where affiliate club members may or may not be competing with KC. or FCI. Registered Jack Russell types.

This dispensation is subject to the following rules.
These shows must not be organised by a club that is a member club of the KC or FCI.
These open shows cannot be organised by clubs who are affiliated to the JRTCGB.
Example, any club affiliated to the JRTCGB may not allow KC. or FCI. registered terriers to compete at their club shows or open shows. That would be in direct conflict to our aims and constitution and could result in the withdrawal of affiliation.
JUDGES if your club wishes to use a UK please ensure they are from any area of our up to date judges list and have signed a current Judges Agreement Form
and that it is held with the JTRTGB. I hope that this helps with any misunderstandings about affiliation. Any concerns please contact me on Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.

On behalf of the JRTCGB
Greg Mousley Chairman 1st February 2019


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